Twenty-Nine Years of Songwriting Experience
Over Multiple Genres of Music and Styles.
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Song Writer Guitarist Commercial Song Writer Music Producer Song Writer Guitarist Commercial Song Writer Music Producer SOUND TRANSMISSIONS "If you’re a YouTuber, a Twitch streamer, or just need a theme song to go with your life, Audible Cosmos is who you should contact. They listen to your requests, and work with you to find what fits your channel and personality perfectly. I was amazed when I heard my theme for the first time. You’ll be met with a professional attitude, and you will have something that fits you perfectly. They offer great service and are very talented! I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a sound or a song for their projects." —Eygló *Visit Youtube Channel* “Just want to thank Audible Cosmos for hooking me up with a bad ass track for my YouTube channel. AC took the time to listen to my ideas and even went to my channel to get a feel for the type of track I wanted. He made sure it was focused around what I was doing and needed it for. He was willing to put the time and effort into making even the smallest tweaks to make sure It was perfect. Thank you.” -Food, Fun and Facts with Big D.  *Visit Youtube Channel*
“AC is amazing to work with! He listened to what I was trying to create and exceeded my expectations! He was able to capture just the right sound for my upcoming project. I would highly recommend Audible Cosmos!“ -Nicole Green.  *Visit Nicole’s Podcast*
“In the past I used generic free youtube audio tracks for my intros to my videos, nothing really helped represent in an audible manner what I express visually. AC was able to examine what I had going on visually with my style and craft an audio experience around that. I am extremely happy with what he came up with, and look forward to new audio tracks to put in future videos.” -Erin A.K.A Erin the Edgy Chick.  *Visit Youtube Channel*